Suman Sir provides printed notes for all the texts that are taught. These are noted for their relevance, breadth of aspects covered, critical analysis and lucidity. Teachers and students have appreciated the quality of these notes for more than a decade.

A meticulous study of these notes along with continuous attendance in Suman Sir’s classes, where each text is dealt with elaborately, results in toppers from most of the colleges in Kolkata every year.

Students must remember that notes serve only as supplementary material. However, It is extremely important to attend the classes regularly so as to gather a complete understanding of the texts at hand. A simple study of the notes will, unfortunately, not help to achieve the desired results.

Below are some sample pages from Suman Sir’s notes for English Honours students:

CC1: History of Literature
CC2: Oedipus the King

CC3: Rajmohan’s Wife
CC4: Twelfth Night